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Choosing the correct Wilcom software

The best software in the industry paired with the best support in the industry

Wilcom embroidery software is a complete vertical product line ensuring there is always a Wilcom software product to fit your skill level and budget. Many embroidery software brands may meet your initial needs, but leave you hanging when your skills improve. Outgrowing your embroidery software can create a loss of your initial investment. When you chose Wilcom as your initial choice, you are assured your investment can always be applied to the next level up as your skills improve. This makes Wilcom software not only the wisest choice, but also the most cost effective long term.

As the industry standard, Wilcom software supports all of the major embroidery machines including Barudan, Brother, Happy, Melco, SWF, Tajima, Toyota, ZSK and more. Don't be mislead into purchasing the software sold by the machine distributors. They want you to believe you must use the software they sell.

The Lettering and Editing programs kick off the product line providing economical options to start-up businesses or easy expansion to existing production. Lettering has all the capabilities to create and fine-tune lettering and optimize production. Editing handles the quality-assurance aspect of embroidery production providing powerful editing capabilities.

All levels of Wilcom DecoStudio and Wilcom EmbroideryStudio include CorelDRAW Graphics Suite offering powerful graphic illustration as an integrated standard feature. Unlike other brands of software which claim to have CorelDRAW integrated, both Wilcom DecoStudio and Wilcom EmbroideryStudio include CorelDRAW. When you install Wilcom DecoStudio or Wilcom EmbroideryStudio you are also installing CorelDRAW. Now that's integration!

Wilcom DecoStudio is the perfect choice for those looking for an automated digitizing system. Wilcom DecoStudio is built on the Wilcom patented stitch processor ensuring you get the best quality embroidery results and efficient sewing time, every time. Wilcom DecoStudio does the hard work for you. You choose the fabric and garment type and it will determine the best stitch settings for a quality result. DecoStudio also speeds up the design creation process with automatic conversion from vector art to stitch, eliminating the need to digitize.

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio is acclaimed as the professional embroiderers' choice. This new generation of Wilcom not only brings renowned stitch quality and innovative design tools but also the combination of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6, providing digitizers with a dynamic and fluid way of creating, visualizing and producing multi-decoration designs.

You get to choose which Wilcom software product meets your current needs and you also get to choose when you are ready to move up to the next level. Isn't that the decision making power you are looking for?

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