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Choosing the correct Wilcom software

Why Update to EmbroideryStudio e3?

It’s faster, more intuitive to use, packed with new features and includes some powerful new algorithms for even greater stitch quality and graphics to stitch conversion.

What new features will I get if I update?

If you are an existing Wilcom EmbroideryStudio customer, by updating to EmbroideryStudio e3 you will receive the features new to this release, as well all the features you previously had plus more!

What’s new in Elements 3?

A revamped user interface provides easier and faster ways to work. This release brings even smoother workflows between graphic and embroidery files as well as a host of creative and productivity features. With a focus on all types of apparel decoration, Wilcom Elements 3 also features new Virtual Decoration, simulating embroidery through digital printing.

Here are some highlights...

TrueView Thumbnails

Big & Beautiful

Up to 30% larger design area on your screenwith improved UI configurations

Extra Large multi-decoration TrueView thumbnails in Windows Explorer and Corel Connect

Improved TrueView embroidery in CorelDRAW®

Bitmap to embroidery conversion

Even greater stitch quality

Higher quality vector to embroidery conversion

Higher quality Bitmap to embroidery conversion

Improved Auto Fabrics settings & processing

Slanted Double Zigzag underlay for more loft, less stitches, more coverage


Learn faster, work faster

Starts up 50% faster

Simpler and cleaner user interface

Training videos and extended tool tips in software

Digitizing time savers

Embroidery Outlines

More digitizing tools

Outlines and Offsets for sports logos and badges (Optional element)

Calligraphy stitching

Incredibly creative and natural Freehand embroidery tool (Optional element)

Duplicate with Step Repeat offsets

Backstitch and StemStitch in Stipple fills

CorelDRAW x6

Integrated with CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X6

Two software package updates in one! Includes CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X6

Smoother workflow between CorelDRAW® and the Wilcom software

Break Apart Embrdoidery Font

New embroidery lettering

15 new embroidery alphabets including popular logo fonts, Japanese, Russian, and run stitch

Multi-level Break Apart Lettering for editing

Lettering usability improvements

Virtual Decorations

New Virtual Decoration (option)

Digital print high resolution TrueView – Virtual Embroidery

Alternative to real embroidery, new creative effects



New Bling tools (optional Element)

Automatic re-sizable bling lettering

Convert any embroidery alphabet or TrueType font to Bling

For more details see our Release Notes.

The product naming has changed – what level am I eligible for?

We have retired the EmbroideryStudio product levels (Level 1/ES 21D, Level 2/ES45 and Level 3/ES 65) and opted for one base product from which you can add the functionality you need.

If you own any of the products listed above you will update to Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e3 Designing + you’ll automatically get the Elements to match the functionality you already have. See the product update map for details.

EmbroideryStudio e3 Feature Focus: Multi-level Break Apart Lettering

There are so many great features in the Wilcom Elements 3 product range, I need to start showing them off a bit. Here's just one that was heavily requested by Wilcom users and has been a hit so far...

embroidery lettering break apart

The Break Apart Lettering tool is a massive time saver when your customers logos are made up of lettering with different colors or shapes.Object properties can be edited separately for single lines, single words, or even single characters. The best part is that even when you break the lettering objects apart, they remain as editable text with the stitching sequence maintained.

How to use this feature:

Use Arrange > Break Apart to split composite objects – monograms, appliqués, lettering, etc – into component objects.

Applying the Break Apart function to a lettering object breaks it into a logical stitching sequence while maintaining lettering object characteristics. Object properties can be edited separately for single lines, single words, or even single characters. Stitching sequence is maintained.

break-apart embroidery lettering software

Sequence logic is as follows:

  • Multi-line lettering can be broken into separate objects per line
  • Individual lines can be broken into separate objects per word
  • Words can be broken into separate objects per letter.
  • Use Arrange > Break Apart to split composite objects – monograms, appliqués, lettering, etc – into component objects.
  • OpenType can be converted to embroidery lettering like a  TrueType font
  • Lettering broken apart into logical stitching sequence
  • Letters can be broken into their individual embroidery patches.
  • Lettering properties are lost but properties of each patch can be individually modified.


An exception for single-line (multi-word) objects is the case of the center-out stitching sequence. Such objects are broken apart directly into single-letter objects. The stitching sequence is thereby preserved.

If this is something that would save you time, consider getting Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e3 Designing today!

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