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Wilcom EmbroideryStudio Live Chat

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We understand time is money and frustration with a problem only makes the issue at hand worse each minute that ticks by. At our Help Desk you will find a large list of self help items, a LIVE! Assistant and links to some of the best vehicles to support you. Be sure to look over the Support Items menu to the left side of the page for a full listing of resources. Support Time

User Forum - Our user forum has over 1000 members many who are experts at the Wilcom embroidery software and CorelDRAW. Trainers, mentors, machine technicians and long time users frequent our forum and are eager to assist their fellow Wilcom users. This can often be your first step towards resolving your issue.

Tom Tricks - Our own resident Master Embroidery Designer Thomas L. Moore, Jr. has a Tips and Tricks section dedicated towards helping you get the most from your Wilcom software. Thomas shares his vast knowledge of embroidery design and Wilcom to provide you a resource available totally free and available 24/7.

Here you will find such useful tricks as:

  • Downloadable templates
  • Downloadable custom thread charts
  • Pictorial Hot keys

LIVE! Assist - We understand what it means to be in a support panic. You don't anything more than a quick answer or insight as to what may be your issue. Our LIVE! Assist is intended to quickly provide you suggestions on what can be the problem or where to find a solution. When our LIVE! Assist is not available, simply complete an easy form an help will be on the way.

Help By Email - Use our Help By Email to request our assistance via email. This is often the best way for many to communicate due to busy schedules and differences in time zones. Your email will be received by a qualified support staff member and you will receive a prompt response.

Videos - We have support video for 24/7 assistance to common issues.

Here you will find such useful videos as:

  • How to set up your system
  • How to install your new system
  • How to install new codes

Wilcom Authorized Training - We are certified to provide training on Wilcom's complete line of products. Take a look at our extensive curriculum and you will see why Strawberry Stitch Co. is so successful at preparing you to utilize your software investment.

Berry Blog - Our own resident Master Embroiderer Thomas L. Moore, Jr. has a Blog geared towards digitizing and embroidery design.

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